Wooden sticks for food,
medical and cosmetic
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 Making a wooden stick seems as easy as ABC. People think in this way looking at this simple product. 

But to get an even, smooth, clean stick without irregularities, roughness and burrs, which meets all the standards of food and medical industry, a commercial scale manufacturing facilities with a modern equipment and well-proven technology of the whole process are required.
We would like to give a brief description of the applied products manufacturing method,
as well as about tasks completed in the course of processing procedures, elaborated technology solutions.
Raw material
The products are made of birch wood. Why this particular kind of wood?
There are some reasons:
- birch trees grow in the territory of our region;
 - birch wood is easily processed;
 - it doesn't have woody taste or odour characteristic for softwood and able to penetrate directly into a food product; 
 - it has medicinal and aesthetic effect.
Manufacturing technique
Products are made by wood peeling and further forming.  
This technique, as evidenced from practice, is more efficient as it helps to achieve greater productivity, as well as better characteristics of the products.
It should be also mentioned that using this raw material and this technique we do not apply chemical bleaching of products.

Manufactured products pass through the whole manufacturing cycle in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation,
including an incoming inspection of raw material, materials and components; a step-by-step inspection of processing procedures;
testing and a final inspection of the products; packaging and shipment of the finished products.
Each manufacturing stage is monitored by a quality control analyst.
QCD analysts check a product for compliance with TS, customer's requirements.

For further information on each manufacturing stage please go to: manufacturing stages.