Wooden spatula “150”

Wooden non-sterile spatula is a simple, light, aesthetic, functional, versatile and convenient product for applying ointments, creams and balms, hot wax, as well as mixing liquids or powders. For use as a medical spatula requires additional sterilization.

Wooden medical spatula 140x18x1.8 is a medical product that has become a traditional and invariable attribute of modern healthcare institutions, medical institutions (polyclinics, outpatient clinics, first-aid posts, medical units and medical practice of family doctors).
It is an indispensable tool in the packing of pediatricians, therapists and emergency medical teams.
It is used in medical practice as an auxiliary tool when examining patients, with its help, the tongue is pushed back and tissues are displaced for examining the oral cavity; used to take a scraping for analysis.

Dimensions (length, width, thickness), mm:

150 х 18 х 1,8

Product Shape

Straight flat plate with rounded edges

Material/type of wood



carefully ground, even, smooth working surface of the product, chamfered, rounded and smoothed edges


Neutral wood



Product surface roughness parameter

no more than 200 microns


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