Wooden stirrer “150”

WOODEN STIRRER 150 х 6 х 1.8 – is a simple, light and convenient cutlery item of single use which became a traditional feature of modern public eateries. Used for mixing food in hot and cold drinks.
It is used for mixing food products in hot and cold drinks. In hot drinks (tea, coffee) a wooden stick is used to mix sugar/honey, cream; in cold drinks (alcoholic and virgin cocktails) several components and/or various flavouring agents are mixed.

Размеры изделия (длина х ширина х толщина), мм:

150 х 7,7 х 2

Product Shape

Straight flat plate with rounded edges


sanded, side edges rounded and smoothed

Material/type of wood



Neutral wood


TU 16.29.14-001-15013959-2018

Accompanying document

certificate of conformity, product quality document from the manufacturer


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