Wooden sticks, which are used in the food and medical industries, for all their simplicity and short-term use, require special attention to their quality and safety.

The SG GROUP company always pays due attention to the quality and safety of its products.

To achieve the quality of products that meets international standards, we are guided by the following principles:

Our products are manufactured according to technical specifications, regularly undergo laboratory safety tests in an accredited laboratory, as evidenced by a certificate of conformity in the GOST R system, which was obtained on our own initiative to increase customer loyalty and confidence. Each batch of goods is accompanied by a package of documents on quality and safety.

To date, our products are not included in the list of products subject to mandatory certification (state registration). About which there is also an official document, the so-called negative decision (refusal letter).

Each batch of goods is accompanied by a quality certificate.
The document contains a detailed and objective description of the main properties of the product, determines the quality characteristics, confirms the compliance of the product with the applicable technical conditions and specifications.

It is possible to obtain detailed information about the quality of our products, the results of laboratory tests and request the relevant documents by contacting our managers in any convenient way.


Certificate of conformity


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