Achievements and advantages

Our achievements:

– organization of full cycle manufacture of each type of products;
– commitment to quality meeting the worldwide standards,
– enlargement of industrial/storage areas for finished products storage up to 3,000 sq.m.;
– updating and completion of the equipment stock;
– automation of processes and equipping of machines with software allowing to identify any flaws and defects of wooden sticks processing, select the products according to several criteria (colour, surface contamination, knots, width, thickness, length, shrinkage, shearing, longitudinal and side bending) and divide the products by grades.
– adaptation of the company’s manufacturing facilities for urgent fulfillment of serial orders,
and also for manufacturing products of custom sizes;
– ensuring increase in manufacturing volumes up to 3.5 billion sticks per year!
– expansion of sales territory to the CIS countries and far abroad.

Ice cream sticks manufactured by SG GROUP are used almost in all Russian ice cream factories,
and sticks for stirring drinks (stirrers) are popular among many Russian distributor networks, vending and catering companies.


Liberal pricing policy, optimal price / quality ratio.
Being a manufacturer of products we’re able to offer individual conditions in terms of cooperation commencement with an outlook for long-term mutually beneficial relations.
Discounts are given for large, combined or repeated bulk orders. Flexible discount system for steady customers.
We appreciate each partner and try to offer flexible cooperation conditions.

Warranted quality of products.
We arranged our activities in such a way as to ensure and control all technical, organizational and social factors which influence the quality of the manufactured products.

Well-established partnership relations with suppliers.
We are scrupulous about issues of selecting suppliers and materials for packaging of our products, conclude agreements only with reliable suppliers and on a long-term basis.

Concerted efforts of professionals.
Operating work experience, expertise in logging and a comprehensive approach to work allowed to achieve a high level quality control of incoming raw material and finished products which is very important to provide smooth functioning of all manufacturing processes – from raw material procurement to shipment of finished products.

Reliable partnership .
Long-term contracts and existing amicable relations testify of the company’s reliability as a business partner. The objective of SG GROUP LLC is to create and support the assurance of our customers that all the requirements to products quality are met. Thus, we try to consider all comments and suggestions as to the work of our enterprise to support successful partnership relations. We appreciate confidence taken into us and we’re responsible for our products quality.

Customer-oriented approach.
Our goal is to make you come back!
We hear our customers and understand their requests and needs, that’s why we are always ready for optimal, mutually beneficial business terms and conditions.

Wood constant stock
Our own manufacturing capabilities and raw materials base ensure regularity of raw stock, significantly reduce time for products manufacturing, because the whole scope of work – from raw material utilization to finished products manufacturing and sales – is fulfilled within one company.

Prompt completion of order .
Maintaining serial products stock at warehouses, convenient location of a manufacturing site allows to ship the finished products promptly.


Mon-Fri: 9 am – 5 pm, Sat-Sun: day off